Welcome To BHIS Apparel Ltd

BHIS Apparels LTD started its journey in 1997, Is a high technology garments company where every important garments products from the best quality mens and girls casual shirts to nightwear, isolation gowns and disposable medical gowns are manufactured. Moreover, some products are also sold at wholesale.

BHIS manufactures its products using modern technology and machineries to always present the best quality and advanced level products to the consumers. We have more than 2,200 modern machines to make good and durable products. Such As, Our Isolation gowns are made by the best fabrics which are soft, lightweight, and easy. Fits on any body is quite easy and very flexible.

In a production space of more than 2 lakh square feet, our skilled craftsmen are always busy and working to create the best product with full attention. BHIS ensures maximum safety as well as fast shipping and delivery for this. Our one & only motto on the subject of exceptional products manufacturing and duty towards our large emblem clients. The safeguarding and steady development of our pleasant control is a key achievement of the BHIS.